The planet is in crisis so we need to cut emissions to help, yet we are largely dependent on fossil fuels. With the cost of living crisis and high fuel costs we need to cut costs where we can.

How do we achieve both?

X-Carbon can help with both. When added to petrol or diesel it cuts vehicle emissions and improves miles per gallon by restoring engine performance to near new standards, reducing maintenance costs, improving engine longevity and its acceleration and smooth running.
What Is It and How Does It Work?
Is It Safe?
X-Carbon is certified and approved as safe to use by a wide range of internationally recognised fuel testing organisations. It has been subjected to intensive Research and Development over 20 years and proven issue-free when used worldwide, with 96% of our customers noticing significant benefits from its use.
How Do I Use It?
X-Carbon can be used in any engine using petrol, diesel or kerosene. It is built from the same petrochemicals that are already in fuel. Only 10ml of X-Carbon per 50 litres of fuel is required and is easily added direct to fuel tanks' inlet or to storage tanks.
Why Is It Needed?
There can be as much as 12% air entrained in fuel, which affects the consistency of its combustion, increases carbon deposits and the fuel loses its lubricity, resulting in both performance issues and mechanical damage to engines. Also, the longer an engine is used, the more carbon deposits build-up and its original performance declines.
How Does It Work?
X-Carbon releases the air in fuel, making it more energy dense so it combusts more completely and consistently. It also increases the fuel's lubricity and viscosity, reducing metal on metal contact and damage and makes it a better solvent, cleaning carbon deposits from the inside of the engine.
What Are The Benefits?
Fuel economy, emissions and engine performance are restored towards those levels achieved when the engine was new. It shows particularly impressive improvements in high usage and older vehicles where quieter and smoother running is often instantly noticeable. For new cars and those that use X-Carbon regularly, their performance is improved and maintained, protecting and cleaning the engine, reducing maintenance and increasing engine longevity.
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Improved Fuel Economy
Customers have saved an average of 26% on fuel consumption.
Reduced Emissions
Protect our future by reducing your carbon footprint.
Extended Engine Life
Improved lubricity and viscocity reduces wear, making your engine last longer.
Smoother Running Engine
Enjoy a quieter and smoother driving experience.
More Responsive Acceleration
Benefit from a more instantaneous throttle response.
Reduced Need For Maintenance
With less wear and tear and more complete combustion, there is less need to replace engine parts including oil and fuel filters.
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Porsche Cayenne V6 diesel's MPG increase by 20% with X-Carbon
X-Carbon cut emissions by 30% in former BBC TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini
Each driver on our team laps became 2 to 8 seconds faster with X-Carbon. You’ve made believers out of our entire race team!
Chris Willett - Racing Team
I have never seen a reaction take place this quickly as with X-Carbon. I could hear the engine get quieter. I could feel it get smoother. I noticed that the throttle response had improved.
Christopher Sawyer - Founder of
For a truck to get 23 MPG is absolutely SHOCKINGLY GOOD with X-Carbon when the normal mileage is around 14 MPG. Thanks again for insisting I try it.
Hugh F Mason - BMW Service Centre
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Certification and Safety
X-Carbon is manufactured exclusively in the USA for RunGreen International by AMJ Chemical Inc. It is recognised as safe to use by AmSpec in petrol/gasoline, diesel, kerosene and marine gasoil (2023), registered under the name of Oxytane with the USEPA, tested by Bureau Veritas (ASTM D975 certification) and Intertek (EN590 Certification). X-Carbon D-975 and EN590 tests show zero change in fuel specification. X-Carbon is considered a “pure fuel”.
AmSpec is the world's leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services in oil and petrochemicals
When AmSpec added X-Carbon to petrol/gasoline, diesel, kerosene and marine gasoil in October 2023, they found that the fuels still met the required specifications for the tests performed. When fuel specifications are met, quality is assured and it will not cause harm or be unsafe when used in the appropriate engine. Tests also reported with the addition of X-Carbon there was a reduction in carbon deposits and air in the fuel, supporting the claims that lead to the benefits of using X-Carbon.
Intertek's ITS Testing Services (UK) Limited
Confirmed in July 2014 that AMJ Chemical Inc's product Oxytane (known as X-Carbon in the UK) meets EN 590 specification. This is a standard published by the European Committee for Standardisation that describes the physical properties that all automotive diesel fuel must meet if it is to be sold in the European Union and several other European countries.
Occupational Safety & Health Administration for Hazard Communication Standards
Assessed for safety and handling. Data Sheet available on request.
Bureau Veritas' Oil Condition Monitoring
Confirmed in 2019 that AMJ Chemical Inc's product (known as X-Carbon in the UK) meets the requirements for ASTM D-975 and specification for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel. This verifies that the product meets ASTM (an international standards organization) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements.
US EPA - United State Environmental Protection Agency
AMJ Chemical Inc’s Oxytane (known as X-Carbon in the UK) is registered, as required in USA for use as an additive in gasoline and diesel. Registration number: 25732001. This means it has been assessed and registered as safe to use and does what it claims.
How Do We Ensure We Are Sustainable?
At RunGreen we sell X-Carbon that extracts the air entrained in fuel. This enables more complete combustion so carbon emissions are cut to virtually zero. X-Carbon can help the public, companies, public sector entities and the government reach their zero emission goal before 2050.

We focus on a product that not only helps the individual or company but also helps our environment. We avoid single use plastic that will just get thrown away or end up in a land fill. At RunGreen we only used recyclable plastic bottles and lids.

We and our partners are always thinking about the product and how it can affect our environment, and looking out for best practice in sustainable production.
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