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You will receive a generous commission on all sales referred by you. Even on recurring subscriptions. It's as simple as that!

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It’s a Big Market!
In Great Britain alone, there are around 40 million vehicles on the road, all burning fuel. We can make a major impact by reducing their environmental impact, as well as reduce everyone's fuel costs with X-Carbon.

Vehicles are the obvious target, but there are many other markets to approach including farming, generators, boats and motorised garden equipment.

Being an Affiliate of RunGreen and X-Carbon opens all of these markets. If you are passionate about the “Three Pillars of Opportunity”, then becoming an Affiliate is right for you.

The Three Pillars of Opportunity
1. A massive reduction in emissions will help the environment.

2. Save your friends/contacts money by cutting their fuel consumption and improve their engine’s performance and longevity.

3. Make money by receiving a commission on every sale made through your introduction. Even better, if they buy a subscription, you will receive a regular monthly income as long as each introduction remains as a customer.

Proven Safe and Effective
X-Carbon is well tested and proven as safe to add to fuel (petrol/gasoline, diesel, kerosene, marine gasoil) by a wide number of the world's leading authorities with over 25 years of use in the US and African markets.

Unlike all other additives, X-Carbon removes the air from fuel without adding alien chemicals or products that could harm engines, enabling more complete combustion, improving fuel efficiency and performance while cutting emissions. It restores engines to as new. 

Highly effective with zero adverse effects. With 28 years of research and development, we can show the results, see our news page. 
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Porsche Cayenne V6 diesel's MPG increase by 20% with X-Carbon
X-Carbon cut emissions by 30% in former BBC TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini
Each driver on our team laps became 2 to 8 seconds faster with X-Carbon. You’ve made believers out of our entire race team!
Chris Willett - Racing Team
I have never seen a reaction take place this quickly as with X-Carbon. I could hear the engine get quieter. I could feel it get smoother. I noticed that the throttle response had improved.
Christopher Sawyer - Founder of
For a truck to get 23 MPG is absolutely SHOCKINGLY GOOD with X-Carbon when the normal mileage is around 14 MPG. Thanks again for insisting I try it.
Hugh F Mason - BMW Service Centre
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