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Innovation for a Sustainable Future
RunGreen International's world-class products and services enhance the sustainability of the planet by improving air quality, fuel efficiency, engine longevity, and cutting emissions while delivering greater efficiencies for its clients. X-Carbon is one of RunGreen’s first ground-breaking products to be launched.
X-Carbon unlocks more MPG per tank - improving on new engine performance by 38%
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RunGreen’s X-Carbon tested in Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Kerosene and Marine Gasoil by AmSpec
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X-Carbon delivers 18.4% - 28.6% more MPG in Volvo, DAF and Mercedes trucks in trials this year
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Why you need to eliminate carbon deposits from your engine to save yourself money and help the planet
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BBC TV Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini saw performance dramatically improved and emissions slashed by 31% using X-Carbon
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We seek out world-class products and services that will enhance the sustainability of the planet while also delivering considerable financial benefits for our clients.
X-Carbon is one of RunGreen’s first products to be launched, that when added to fuel restores and maintains engine performance to the highest near-new levels. It does this by removing the air entrained in the fuel so it combusts more completely, cleaning the engine, improving fuel efficiency and engine life, cutting noxious emissions and so improving air quality.

X-Carbon’s use will also help clients achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance goals and can reduce their carbon-offset requirements.

RunGreen International has the exclusive agency for X-Carbon in the UK, Europe and Africa, manufactured only in the USA by a company that owns the Intellectual Property Rights worldwide.

RunGreen’s Fuel and Emissions Monitoring Services, provides research and input that can deliver greater efficiencies to clients with fleets of commercial vehicles.
Porsche Cayenne V6 diesel's MPG increase by 20% with X-Carbon
X-Carbon cut emissions by 30% in former BBC TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini
Each driver on our team laps became 2 to 8 seconds faster with X-Carbon. You’ve made believers out of our entire race team!
Chris Willett - Racing Team
I have never seen a reaction take place this quickly as with X-Carbon. I could hear the engine get quieter. I could feel it get smoother. I noticed that the throttle response had improved.
Christopher Sawyer - Founder of TheVirtualDriver.com
For a truck to get 23 MPG is absolutely SHOCKINGLY GOOD with X-Carbon when the normal mileage is around 14 MPG. Thanks again for insisting I try it.
Hugh F Mason - BMW Service Centre
Fuel and Emissions Consultancy
Improve fuel efficiency, maintenance costs and vehicle performance. RunGreen assists in monitoring commercial vehicle fleet performance so you can understand and see the impact of the influential variables that affect costs and so save your company money. RunGreen can introduce you to software that can simplify this process so you can minimise costs more effectively.
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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance
Demonstrate your company’s drive to improve and meet the highest environmental standards required by the latest international and government ESG Goals by using RunGreen’s X-Carbon.  RunGreen can also help your company purchase certified carbon offsets.

With RunGreen, by cutting emissions and focusing on the "Green Agenda" it will:
  • Make your company more attractive to investors as 66% take ESG into account.
  • Reduce the longer term risks caused by continuous tightening of ESG regulations.
  • Improve the perceived longevity of your company.
  • Attract new customers, employees and retain existing ones.
  • Save costs, and customers will pay more with companies that are seen to be ethical.
A revolutionary innovation.  Built from the same petrochemicals that are already in the petrol and diesel, X-Carbon releases the air from fuel, enabling more complete combustion, yielding substantial additional benefits.
Improved Fuel Economy
Customers save an average of 26% on fuel consumption.
Extended Engine Life
Fuel has greater lubricity and viscosity reducing engine wear, so your vehicle’s engine lasts longer.
More Responsive Acceleration
More instantaneous and smoother throttle response.
Reduced Emissions
Protect the planet’s future by cutting your carbon footprint.
Smoother Running Engine
More complete and consistent combustion results in a quieter, smoother driving experience.
Cut Maintenance Costs
Replace parts less often, as the engine is subjected to less wear and tear.
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Our Story
RunGreen International was set up when its founders recognised the phenomenal potential of X-Carbon.  If widely used X-Carbon will have significant benefits for the planet while also saving people and companies money.
Neil Whitehead
Neil is an architect and founder of Stuff International Design Limited and former Managing Director and Creative Director of Fitch PLC. While at Fitch he led teams responsible for rebranding BNP Paribas, O2 and ING Bank, to name a few. He has worked with clients in 44 different countries and now mentors start-up businesses at UCL, Kingston University and London South Bank University.
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