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For commercial vehicle fleets, shipping, generators, mining, farm and other machinery
Economic and environmental savings at scale
Manage and reduce your fuel costs, mileage, emissions, and maintenance costs with RunGreen's X-Carbon and Fuel and Emissions Consultancy.  Demonstrate your efforts towards meeting the increasing Environmental, Social and Governance requirements, while helping create a more sustainable future.
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X-Carbon unlocks more MPG per tank - improving on new engine performance by 38%
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RunGreen’s X-Carbon tested in Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Kerosene and Marine Gasoil by AmSpec
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X-Carbon delivers 18.4% - 28.6% more MPG in Volvo, DAF and Mercedes trucks in trials this year
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Why you need to eliminate carbon deposits from your engine to save yourself money and help the planet
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BBC TV Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini saw performance dramatically improved and emissions slashed by 31% using X-Carbon
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Fuel and Emissions Consultancy
Improve fuel efficiency, maintenance costs and vehicle performance. RunGreen assists in monitoring commercial vehicle fleet performance so you can understand and see the impact of the influential variables that affect costs and so save your company money. RunGreen can introduce you to software that can simplify this process so you can minimise costs more effectively.
When added to a fuel tank, X-Carbon works instantly in releasing air from fuel, enabling it to combust more completely, cleaning carbon deposits from the engine. Its positive effects are often seen immediately - improved MPG, lower emissions and smoother running - but its full impact is best realised after a month or more of regular use, restoring and maintaining engine performance to near new levels.
Improved MPG by typically 8-30% or more
Cutting and minimising fuel costs, restoring performance to near new levels.
Reduced Emissions
Emissions are restored back to factory new levels. This can help older vehicles pass their MOTs without expensive further works. Lower emissions can also reduce carbon offset requirements.
Smoother Running
Removing the air in the fuel provides a better and smoother driving experience. Your engine runs quieter, with reduced juddering and wear. Low-Sulphur Diesel was increasingly made standard in countries from 2006 to help reduce noxious emissions. The downside of this change is that it is less lubricious as it entrains more air. X-Carbon counteracts this change.
Cleaner Engine
With more complete combustion and better fuel lubricity, carbon deposits are prevented from forming and existing deposits are removed from the engine and its injectors. Without carbon deposits there is less engine damage and wear, resulting in smoother running, lower emissions and maintenance costs.
Lower Maintenance Costs
A cleaner, smoother running engine means less wear and tear, fewer oil and fuel filter changes, lower maintenance costs and less time off-road inconvenience.
Fewer Fuel Filter Changes
With X-Carbon maintaining a cleaner engine the fuel filters have less debris to capture, so fewer changes are required, cutting costs. Cleaner filters also prevent inlet restrictions, reducing one of the causes of cavitation.
Less Failure Of High-Flow Fuel Systems
Cavitation, “vapour-lock” or air bubbles in fuel, is the most common cause of failure of high-flow fuel systems. X-Carbon releases the air in fuel, so the engine runs more smoothly and there is less damage to injector nozzles and fuel pumps, maintaining their capacity and efficiency. Also, X-Carbon’s lowering of surface tension of the fuel improves its droplet dispersion. Together with the cleaner fuel and oil filters, the risk of system failure is reduced, saving maintenance, repair and loss of vehicle use costs.
Cleaner Oil
Carbon, particulate matter (including metal) from the engine and emissions contaminates the engine oil, reducing its lubricity, resulting in more engine wear. With a cleaner engine and lower emissions from using X-Carbon, fewer oil and filter changes are required and its lubricity is maintained for longer, reducing engine wear and associated costs.
Safe and Easy to Use
Certified and approved as safe to use by wide range of internationally recognised organisations responsible for testing fuel. Contains no additional chemicals other than those already in fuel. Easy to use.
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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance
Demonstrate your company’s drive to improve and meet the highest environmental standards required by the latest international and government ESG Goals by using RunGreen’s X-Carbon.  RunGreen can also help your company purchase certified carbon offsets.
With RunGreen, your company can benefit from being seen to cut emissions and focus on the “Green Agenda” and it will:
Other Use Cases
Mining, Farms and Other Machinery
X-Carbon can be added to the fuel inlet on the vehicle or fuel storage tanks. It will start working immediately and continuously, cleaning and maintaining engines, restoring MPG and cutting emissions to near new levels. Due to the nature of farm machinery, our clients generally immediately notice the reduced noise and smoother running of their engines from using X-Carbon.
X-Carbon when added to the fuel in a generator’s tank starts working immediately and will clean and maintain the engine, lengthen run-time and cut emissions.
The demands on shipping to cut emissions is significant and X-Carbon can make difference that will transform the industry.
Have a different use case?
If you have a petrol, diesel or kerosene powered engine, RunGreen is happy to advise on any use case you might have.
Introducers Programme
RunGreen offers individuals and companies a highly rewarding share of sales on any successful introduction. Should a contract to use X-Carbon on a regular basis be taken up, this would mean a share of sales for the life of the contract.
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Distributors Programme
Many countries are driving hard to lower their carbon emissions to meet both national and international regulations and requirements. RunGreen can help in this and has contracts with distributors within a number of different countries. We can offer an attractive share of any subsequent sales, so please contact us, to see if we can assist.
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