BBC TV Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini saw performance dramatically improved and emissions slashed by 31% using X-Carbon
April 21, 2023
When presenting BBC TopGear Jeremy Clarkson test drove a Lamborghini Gallado and so liked it that he bought one and then let us test it, firstly without and then with X-Carbon added to its fuel.

When BBC TV Top Gear’s presenter, Jeremy Clarkson test drove a Lamborghini Gallado ( he so liked the £131,000 car, he bought one.

It was on this, the less than a year old supercar, he was encouraged by one of our colleagues to try X-Carbon. They booked a VOSA (government approved) rolling road and ran the car firstly without X-Carbon and the findings were:

Then they added X-Carbon to the Lamborghini’s fuel tank and ran it again and the findings were:

The results: The addition of X-Carbon massively improved the Lamborghini’s performance and slashed its emissions:

Ø Horse Power was increased by 16.2

Ø Torque improved by 17.6 pounds per square foot

Ø Emissions were cut by more than 31%

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