How RunGreen Can Help You Do More with Less as Fuel Prices Skyrocket
March 14, 2023
Written by: Stan Ratcliffe
Fuel price rises has led a drive for doing more with less - which is why adding X-Carbon to fuel to achieve this is catching people's attention.

This story has waited for almost a hundred years to be told. Today it’s probably the most topical motoring subject.

In 1926 Dr Oscar Bridgeman, Bureau of Standards for the Society of Automotive Engineers, stated that both petrol and diesel absorbed air. Unfortunately, engineers did not appreciate the significance of this on the ability of the engine to convert the fuel's chemical energy into kinetic energy to propel the vehicle. Even today whilst checks on emissions prove that everything is working efficiently they only do so because there are fewer hydrocarbons in the fuel pumped into the engine. They have been replaced by microscopic bubbles of air.

So what did Dr Bridgeman’s statement mean that we are ignoring?

When the carburettors or fuel injectors measure  out the amount of fuel to mix with air to pass to the combustion chamber the fuel includes some bubbles of absorbed air and these bubbles take the place of hydrocarbons, so the resulting mix is short on energy. To make up for it we press on the accelerator and draw in more fuel to achieve the kinetic energy we want to move the vehicle. If the air bubbles were eliminated, the fuel we use would have more energy and thus we wouldn’t use so much of it. Better MPG is easily converted into paying less at the pump.

Check out this example using X-Carbon on a Porsche Cayenne 3.0TD V6:  

Not only does X-Carbon improve fuel economy, with the removal of the air fuel combusts more completely, enabling engines to run more smoothly and consistently carbon deposits are removed and the engine is cleaned as the fuel has more viscosity and lubricity, reducing wear and so maintenance costs, while also cutting emissions. Experience of X-Carbon's use among racing teams report an improvement in lap times, acceleration and responsiveness. It is the result of over 20 years of extensive research and development, is fully certified and is safe and easy to use.

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