X-Carbon Early Trials Results Show an 18% Improvement in MPG and an 18% Cut in Emissions in Volvo Trucks
March 14, 2023
Written By: Charlotte Morrison
X-Carbon trial shows promising results on a fleet of Volvo trucks.

A fleet of Volvo trucks have been trialing RunGreen's X-Carbon and the early results already show an 18% increase in MPG with an 18% cut in emissions. Further tests are to be undertaken shortly on the exact improvement in the content of the emissions.

With X-Carbon's cleaning of the engines, further improvements are expected up to the standards measured when new. By removing the air from the fuel, not only does it combust more completely and remove carbon deposits, it is more lubricious and viscous, reducing engine wear, so we expect to see a reduction in maintenance costs coming through on the longer trials.

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