How X-Carbon Can Clean Our Air with Government's Department for Transport Support
March 14, 2023
Written by: Stan Ratcliffe
Governments are putting huge pressure on businesses to cut emissions while offering few solutions. Yet they should seek to inform the public and companies of products like X-Carbon that can cut emissions safely at little cost.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, are comparing the Government’s pressure to reduce emissions from vehicles with trying to eat an elephant: not something you can do in one bite.

The basic science of using additives to help destroy and burn off carbon deposits, thus making engines more efficient and lowering emissions, is well-known.

We strongly plead with the Department for Transport to urge people to use some of these products, which can have a small but noticeable effect in lowering emissions from both petrol and diesel engines and is an affordable process.

Today we would like to introduce the Department to a piece of additional science which has laid dormant for nearly 100 years. In 1926 American chemist Dr Oscar Bridgeman, a specialist in fuel volatility, gave a paper on the fact that whilst fuel molecules evaporate into the air, molecules of air are absorbed by the fuel. This can dilute the fuel in the tank by as much as 10%.

Some 15 years ago, research by American particle physicists into the absorption of air into fuel, both petrol and diesel, found a way to treat fuel, without any additional substances, that would expel any molecules of absorbed air and prevent any more from being absorbed. The resulting treatment also lubricates the deposited carbon in the engine making it easier to remove and with the extra energy from the undiluted fuel the emissions are reduced as the engine converts more of the chemical energy in the fuel (Hydrocarbons) into kinetic energy to drive the vehicle.

X-Carbon is one of a range of products from various manufacturers that can help make UK transport greener but is unique in its ability to treat the absorbed air. However, the manufacturers cannot carry out this education process alone; they need the help of the Department of Transport, not with money or grants, but simply with a series of statements conveying the facts that there are products out there to be tried that can, immediately and without adding great costs – perhaps even paying for themselves by restoring fuel consumption – bring everyone’s transport a significant step closer to cleaner air.

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