X-Carbon delivers 18.4% - 28.6% more MPG in Volvo, DAF and Mercedes trucks in trials this year
August 10, 2023
This year RunGreen’s clients have successfully trialled X-Carbon in their trucks and proven that it delivers significant fuel cost savings.

Here are the results from 3 company trials undertaken this year. The truck drivers just added 10ml of X-Carbon per 50 litres of fuel to see significant increased MPG and other benefits.  

Company A with their Volvo truck reported:

Company A said: “These are amazing results and we have already ordered more X-Carbon to use in our other trucks.”

RunGreen’s Neil Whitehead said: “They monitored their results really carefully with relatively consistent journey lengths, average speeds and driving style, so these results give a good idea of the savings X-Carbon can really bring.”


Company B with their DAF trucks reported:

Company B said: “We were so impressed by these results that we will be expanding our use of X-Carbon to our other depots.”

RunGreen’s Neil Whitehead said: “The trucks in this depot tend to have shorter urban runs and lower average speeds, which are not optimal for X-Carbon’s carbon burning efficacy, yet we still saw MPG improve well with somegood cost savings. At their next depot the trucks have longer runs and higher average speeds, so we are hoping to see even better results.”


Company C with their Mercedes van reported:

Company C said: “Using X-Carbon has shown a quick improvement in MPG, saving us a lot of money on fuel. It is obvious that we have to use it in all our vans.”

The drivers in all these trials also reported that X-Carbon delivered other benefits including smoother running, less noise and vibration, more torque and faster acceleration. X-Carbon not only cleans the engine of carbon deposits, but improves the viscosity and lubricity of the fuel resulting in less engine wear, lowering maintenance costs, and by running cleaner there are fewer fuel and oil filter changes.

Truck drivers and owners are exacting and their continued use of X-Carbon following these trials proves it does what it claims and more.

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