With X-Carbon generators' fuel consumption and emissions drop by an average of 30%
April 11, 2023
X-Carbon's significantly positive impact on the running of generators is so quick and easy to see in these trials and has proved far more straight forward to measure than on vehicles, which are affected by a driver's style, journey type, speed, load and topography.

Generators become significantly less efficient with use as they suffer from an accumulation of carbon deposits, called “wet stacking” in the industry. Their hours per gallon decreases and smoke and emissions increase. Carbon deposits become worse with idling and stop-and-go use (“low load cycles”). Severe emission regulations have turned the modern-day internal combustion engine intoa carbon trap, yet generators’ computer-controlled fuel management systems (much the same as in cars and trucks) mask the impact of carbon deposits by maintaining the “drivability” and tuning of the engine, so the problems are far worse than can be seen. As a result, the generator operators know that to ensure it can bear an assigned load, working as and when required, it has to be “load bank” tested regularly, with the engines cleaned of their carbon deposits, filters/fins cleared of soot and particulate matter and parts tested.

X-Carbon when used in generators can restore their performance to near-new levels, cutting carbon deposits/wet-stacking and reducing the need for such regular load bank testing and cutting the amount of black smoke and emissions. X-Carbon achieves this by removing the air from the fuel, enabling more complete combustion, which helps in removing carbon deposits, improves the viscosity and lubricity of the fuel,reducing the need for maintenance as there is less wear and fewer filter changes, generally improving MPG and cutting emissions, offering smoother running and restoring power and performance.

03/07/2008 250 KVA Generator Test, Ghana

By Kwame Graham

For X-Carbon, the wonder of testing it on generators is that they are not impacted by the wide range of variables that affect vehicle performance measurement, such as load, speed, driver style, topography, air conditioning or heater use, etc, so the results can be seen more clearly. 

13/06/2011 A & C Square, Madson 510 KVA Generator Test, Ghana

By Thomas Ampadu Sefah and Edmund K. Asamoah

Comment: “The company derived a lot of benefit from the use of X-Carbon.”

Some of the first trials of X-Carbon were undertaken in Africa overseen by Kwame Graham, a retired police detective from London, UK. He first offered it to taxi drivers, who seeing the improved MPG wanted more. In the UK, he persuaded the famous TV Presenter and Journalist Jeremy Clarkson to try it in his Lamborghini (see story on ourwebsite), demonstrating significant improvement in performance (torque and horsepower) on a VOSA approved rolling road and a staggering 30% cut in emissions. Improving technology and photography within running engines also proved the positive effects of X-Carbon.

03/04/2013 Helios Towers Generator Test on 2 Sites in Nigeria

By Abiola Rotowa

Kwame’s and other generator tests in Africa speak for themselves, all showing an impressive improvement in hours of use per gallon of diesel - cutting costs by 10-45% - and noted improvements in smooth running and visible emissions through using X-Carbon.

23/01/2012, Adamus Resources Limited Generator Test, Ghana

By Steve Ofori-Asamoah

Comment: “We achieved positive results using X-Carbon on our brand-new Generator.”

Comment: This saving was on a NEW generator, which should have been performing at new manufactured standards, yet X-Carbon still created an improvement in performance.

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